Thursday, April 12, 2012

PROMO : MIDYEAR WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY BY DETIK INDAH (and lotsa pics syoksendri..haha ;p)


Okayokaayyyy yeryerrrr sorry2 x update lagi pasal my wedding...
jap arrrr i tgh nak tlg promote my OP nie..boleh laaa yek.... hehehhee.. ;p

Selaku client yg sgt berpuashati, i nak tlg promote salah sorang OP i iaitu, DETIKINDAH.. skang ni dorang tgh buat promo yg superbest... I sgt22222 recommend DETIKINDAH as your wedding photographer, xyah dah carik yg top2 n supermahal yg belum tentu dpt hasil yg memuaskan... i dah dgr byk stories about OP yg top2 (yg cover wedding artist2 n celeb2-package plak mahal giler) f*cked up wedding my frens tau..album sampai nak 6-7bulan baru nak siap, dah tu byk silap, spelling pun silap..hish geram tol.. Ok stop bebels, dah terpesong plak niat sebenar post inih..hehehe..

Mari kita lihat promo yg sgt berbaloi itew..

*taken from*

 *raw unedited pic*
sila tgk sampai meleleh airhidung yer..hahaa ;p
sorry encik Ridhuan i tukar pic dari post u..hehehee ;p

In conjunction with the Malaysian Mega Sale which is expected to begin from May till July, Detik Indah Photography also decided to join the fray with our special promotion for our beloved clients and fans out there.
If you’re still unsure about who to hire for your BIG DAY, now we have come forward to convince you that we are the one you should choose. This very limited time offer valid for May & June 2012 weddings, and we only accept 1 client for each available dates. So, think no more, let us know your details and rest assured that this decision will be one of the best you’ve made regarding your wedding for sure!

Available dates:
18, 19,20, 25, 26, 27 MAY 2012
8, 9, 10, 22, 23, 24 JUNE 2012
Principal Photographer Package
3 event (nikah+bride+groom)
1 unit 15″ x 11″ Wedding Photobook 100 pages
1 assistant photographer
3 photo slideshow
Outdoor portraiture
Soft copy included
Principal Photographer Package
2 event (nikah+bride)
1 unit 15″ x 11″ Wedding Photobook 80 pages
1 assistant photographer
2 photo slideshow
Outdoor portraiture
Soft copy included

 (The Principal Photographer is Ridhuan Abu Bakar, the founder himself will be attending your wedding. He has about 4 years experience in the wedding photography industry, and you don’t have to worry about our quality standard as he will be the photographer and the editor for your album)

ye betul saye setuju ngan kata2 diatas nie..hehehee.. ;p

To appreciate how our Wedding Photobook looks like:

Contact them now..!! or call directly at 013 3439328 (Jay) to book your dates. Standard Terms & Conditions apply. First come first serve basis



Calling all Interns

Do you love “I do’s?”
Do you adore the details of a of a perfectly planned party?
Are you powerful with a pen? (or keyboard)
Are you interested in an internship?
Would you like working for a company that is respected and loved by its clients, and loves its clients back?

If you answered “Yes!” to all of these questions, you could be just the person we are looking for.

WE ARE NOW accepting applications for a 4 month unpaid internship. You’ll get training in the wedding industry, event planning experience, online marketing experience, and have a ton of fun.

Please send us your resume and we’ll set up a time to talk! We'll be holding our last set of interviews this next week so be sure and contact us asap to not miss out on a great opportunity!


 Ahaaaa...panas tak title?? hahahaaa....
saje je letak dotdotdot sbb i pun xtau nama vendor tu sebenarnye..hehehe..

This post is to support one of my b2b friend, Intan Norazam yg superdupercreative and one of the most inspiring and respectable b2b in our community. I think most of us mmg kenal Intan cos dia sgt2222 inspiring (dari segi her wedding, her business, her DIY stuffs), i would vote for her kalau ada award2 untuk b2b bloggers... ;)

Ok case dia camnie...ade la sorang hamba Allah nie, konon nak buat business handbouquet yg fabric tu... which sumer xkisah kan?nak buat, buat la kan? buuuuutttttt, dia ni bleh plak curik pic2 dari Intan kite ni, and also some dari Filmshotartifact, and claim it as hers..! If u're in Intan's shoes how would you feel?? marah x? sedih x? geram x? i sangat222 kesian kat Intan cos dia ni dah la sgt sweet n baik, and ada plak org buat camni kat dia.. T_T

So here, in support of my b2b friend.. I will make sure this news spread like wildfire.. bukan untuk mengaibkan, but untuk beri pengajaran..
you dont mess with my friends!! (eceh mcm citer Zohan plak..hehe)

Don't ever dare stealing someone else's work and claim as yours..! Dah pulak siap buat business lak tu!grrrr..mmg nak kena bakor...!

 inilah bukti2 nyeaaa... ni pun xsemua cos Intan ckp dia xde access.. maybe kena block? Intan dah bagi loveletter kat dia..but xtau la camner kan, ternanti2 gak update dari Intan nie...hopefully Hamba Allah tu sedar diri, mintak maaf and buang la pics yg bukan dia punye tu.. kalau nak buat business, tunjuk la kehebatan n kekreatifan hasil kerja anda sendri... buat portfolio dulu..hish malu lah~~ budak UITM plak tu...! T_T

So gals, to those yg kot2 yg rasa familiar ngan Hamba Allah ni punye page (ketika nak carik fabric handbouquet vendor) sila lah tlg bagi se-das kat dia..Yang dah tau story, silalah support our friend Intan Norazam!
Lagi sekali saye ingin mengatakan bahawa post ini
bukan untuk mengaibkan, but untuk beri pengajaran..

Ok sekian terima kaseyyyyy...daaa~


Try This Tip Next Time You Have Guests Over!

Hooray!  It's another "secrets from an obsessed entertainer" tip. Are you ready? When I have guests over I love to find ways to make even the most mundane of things feel special.  Take for example a humble glass of water, I love to dress it up with a sprig of mint just for something different.  What's your favourite entertaining trick?

Demetrios Wedding Dress

Design Your Wedding Dress

Are you a helpmate that doesn't appetite a dress off of the rack? Or conceivably you aloof don't appetite to airing bottomward the isle in a banal that a hundred added brides in a seventy-five mile ambit ability wear? If you are a bit of a rebel, or if you aloof accept a specific faculty of style, again why not architecture your bells dress yourself and save bags at the aforementioned time.
Creating your own bells clothes doesn't accept to be as complicated as you ability think. But what's complex in the action and area can you go if you don't accept a bounded artist to advice you with this alarming task?
The acknowledgment lies aural the internet and partnering with a acclaimed bells dress artist that is accommodating to assignment with brides on a one-on-one basis. Here's what you can apprehend aback you set out to architecture your own bells clothes online.
If you accept not approved on dresses yet, that is a must. Go to your bounded brial salon and try on a ballgown, a mermaid, an A-Line and adapted A-Line, a fit and blaze and a sheath. If you don't apperceive what these types of dresses are, that's OK, aloof ask for anniversary one specifically. Any accomplished bells dress adviser can help.
Once you accept done this, you will calmly be able to actuate your silhouette. Once you adjudge on a silhouette, again you can get added specific and alpha absorption things bottomward a bit.
Now, let's breach the dress bottomward into agreement that a clothier will understand. Second, we appetite to attending at materials. Do you angular appear couture gowns fabricated out of silks, chantily laces and added aesthetic fabrics? Or do you like a beneath big-ticket amount credibility and adopt abstracts like taffeta, conjugal glassy and nylon laces?
The abutting big catechism is applique or no lace? Maybe you are an accepted applique affectionate of helpmate or conceivably you appetite some applique but not a lot. If you like lace, do you appetite it beaded, or larboard alone?
Ok, you've got your abstracts settled, so in adjustment to architecture your bells dress appropriately you charge to apperceive which architecture credibility of the clothes will accomplish you happy. Starting with the neckline, what blazon do you want...strapless or article with a sleeve? That accompanying with allotment a Sweetheart, beeline across, V, or Scoop will actuate the high allocation of the bodice.
After this comes the waist. Do appetite an empire, accustomed or alone waist? Conceivably you accept called a acceptable A-Line contour in which there is no waist at all.
Finally, you accept the brim and train. The contour will abundantly actuate the brim blazon but you still ability appetite to accomplish some alterations, like a scalloped hemline or added pleating, etc. To actuate the breadth of the alternation you can admeasurement either from the aback of your waist or from the hemline of the clothes to the breadth of alternation that you want.
Believe it or not, if you accept done all of these things you accept abundant advice to accept a bells dress artist construe your dream clothes into a account and again into a pattern, and finally...your absolute bells dress.
Designing your bells dress can be a actual advantageous way to accurate you individuality as you bless your bells day by authoritative it as different as you are.

Elegant Wedding Dress